How to connect by FTP using FILEZILLA?

In order to upload your website to the contracted web hosting you must use an FTP client program. There are many programs that can help you, one of the most popular is FileZilla.
The connection to the FTP service through a manager requires a username and password, which you can find in your cPanel space, in the FTP Accounts section.

Note: The Filezilla program must be previously installed on your computer.

The steps to follow to connect to your web hosting using FTP are listed below.

  1. Open the Filezilla program and go to the top, enter the connection details and press the Quick connection button.


    - Server: The domain to which you want to connect.
    - Username: This box corresponds to the FTP user.
    - Password: The password of the FTP user, always respecting upper and lower case. The most advisable thing is to make a copy and paste the password.
    - Port: FTP, is the protocol that you always have to use in order to connect to the accommodation. The default is 21. If you have SFTP enabled, the port will be 22.

    Note: the FTP username and password can be obtained in the Accommodation Control Panel, in the 'FTP Accounts' section.

  2. When the connection with your web hosting has been established, you will see a window similar to this:


To upload the files and / or directories to the server, just select them from the local computer section and drag them to the directory you want within the web hosting.

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