What can cause a WordPress site to be slow and how to fix it?

Every time a visit comes to your WordPress blog, the server processes PHP scripts and establishes a database connection (in other words, it does a lot of actions at the same time). The busier your site is, the slower the process.
Slow page loading is problematic because it discourages people who visit your site. Typically, the culprits are:

  • The badly configured plugins (Themes or Plugins).
  • The use of images hosted on other slower servers.


  • Consider installing plugins: W3 Total Cache, WP-Super-Cache, or WP-DBManager.

    Note: It is advisable to install only one of the aforementioned plugins, because if more than one is installed, they cause conflicts between them, causing the site to slow down. If you want to install W3 Total Cache Click here.
  • Replace links to external images with images uploaded to your WordPress site.
  • Disable all of your plugins and enable one at a time to determine which one is slowing down your site.

    Note: If you don't know how to Enable/Disable plugins for your WordPress site Click here.
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